Sheryl Suzanne Crow is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actress.

Her music incorporates elements of pop, rock, country, and blues. She has released ten studio albums, four compilations, two live albums, and has contributed to a number of film soundtracks.  At 48, she is a survivor in more ways than one: a singer now a quarter of a century into a career no longer as glittering as it once was, and someone who has fought breast cancer and won.
She also got so impatient about waiting for the right prospective father to come along that she resolved to do without one and take the adoption route instead. She is now mother to two boys: Wyatt, aged three, and Levi, five months.

Thanks @sherylcrow for teaching us that #adoption is a humble way to be a #mother


Sush is a creative writer with over 15years writing for major forms of marketing comms. She is a mother of 2 and the founder of Momat4ty: advocacy for older motherhood. This was as a result of the findings she had when having her 2nd baby at almost 40years old. The community is to assist older soon to be Moms and Moms find a solace in motherhood. Via information and counseling.

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