In 2011, the news of Mariah Carey’s twins trended.

It didn’t trend because she is an American pop diva whose voice can literally break glass. Nor did it trend because she was married to celebrity actor, Nick Cannon who is over 10years younger than her.

It did because we had felt their pains for four years as they struggled to get pregnant and suffered a miscarriage then on their 4th anniversary, gbam; twins! What a wonderful anniversary gift.

The news of the twins made the power couple more powerful

The most amazing story ever was that Mariah’s hit song “We Belong Together” played as the twins came into the world.

Mariah Carey is a singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur. The ‘emotions’ singer had plenty of emotions when she saw her twins, a boy, and girl, Monroe and Moroccan, for the first time by 12noon, April 2011.

She was 41years when she had her twins.

Thanks, nightingale for encouraging us to find love no matter the age difference and have bundles of little feet while at it.


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