Our woman crush today goes out to this amazing woman…

Joanie Shook: a career woman who wasn’t married until her late 30’s.

She was earlier diagnosed to have premature Ovarian failure in her early 30’s.

During her marriage to Greg, who already had an adopted daughter from his first marriage, they agreed to have a baby especially because of Greg’s love for children.

The journey to fertility was not an easy one as they had to get an egg donor.

“At a consultation with a fertility specialist in October 2006, when I was 44, we learned that we could try an in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment using donor eggs and an intracytoplasmic injection of my husbands sperm (where a single sperm is directly injected into the egg)”

She had to take the regular progesterone injection through out the 13th week of Pregnancy due to the fact that her ovaries couldn’t supply them.

Joanie Shook later welcomed her twin girls at age 48. Her major challenge has been to cope with younger mom’s stare and curiosity ” yes, I’m often mistaken for their grandmother “, yet it is all part of the package, as her joy is full of having her girls who are now age 2.

Being an oldermom is a privilege and we are glad to celebrate Joanie Shook.

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