Get them busy while you work so they don’t feel bored

Children love holidays no doubt. However, it can be overwhelming for them as they have become accustomed to going to school daily and will feel anxiety doing nothing.

As parents, especially working parents, we find it hard to balance the holiday anxiety of our children with our needs as we still got work to do for a while before we finally go on our shorter break.

To avoid a distance between you and your children this holiday, keep them busy till you are free with these 5 games;

  1. A musical concert. Age 4 – 11: Children love to sing and what better way to get them busy than to encourage them to plan a Christmas concert for you and daddy (and maybe grannie and grandpa). Provide videos and songs for them to learn and plan. Tell them to surprise you and Daddy. You can also organize a small family get together for them to perform at so they feel extra special. Trust me, they will be off your hair and busy planning for the big day and oh…children do love to plan #childhoodmemories


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  1. A dance performance. Age 5 – 16: This is another performance-based activity for children who love to dance. You can also provide them videos and let them create their own style with their own songs. To get the older ones interested, get them a choreographer and watch them forget you are still at work, planning for the big day. Also, it will be grand to organize a small get-together that they can perform at.


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  1. Arts and Craft. Age 4 – 15: I know you have gotten the Christmas decor and the Tree but you can also encourage them to make homemade decorations for the house. This is cost effective and children can be creative, adding spice to your usual Christmas deco. Encourage them to always leave out something you and daddy can do when you get home. This is a simple bonding technique as they will feel you were part of the creation.


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  1. The Nativity Play. Age 6 – 10: Get the older children to organize a play for Christmas Eve. The nativity play is popular and it teaches them about the birth of Jesus. Go the extra mile by getting a costumier to work with them, teaching them how to create simple roman costumes for the play. This play can be staged at midnight for just the family or at a planned get together. Ensure that at the end, you all sing some carols together.


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  1. Decorating. Age 3 – 6: For younger children, you can get them to just decorate the house a room at a time. Let them get naughty with paints and crayons but ensure your walls are covered with wallpapers and no harmful object around. Make sure you have their nanny assisting them and join them during weekends. You can buy them the decor to hang around the house and on the Christmas tree.


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These can eventually become a family tradition and you all can enjoy the beautiful season together without feeling left out.


PS: We would love to read your Christmas Bonding stories so please share.