This lockdown has lasted more than 6 weeks and it seems like 6 months already, lol, truly time reveals.

This lockdown has exposed many of us to what teachers and caregivers go through on the regular. Children are beautiful gifts from God, sweet little creatures whose smiles melt your resolve to even scold or spank them.

How do you even get your head together when they are craving your attention and you’ve got to finish that script or attend that zoom meeting? In the past weeks, I have seen hilarious videos of kids attending parents zoom meeting with them and humming songs or just showing their adorable but yet mischievous faces.

I have a friend who said she has given up on homeschooling because she can’t handle her kids’ repetitive questions, she resorted to giving them puzzle games and more screen time.

On amazing personality traits, another friend discovered that her soon-to-be one-year-old son has a great problem-solving skill. when you block a pathway or passage for him to get to an object of his attention, the young lad devises another means or route to get to that object, a resilient one.

“Two weeks after the closure of all schools, I was left at the mercies of my 3 kids”, says a mom in Jabi district Abuja. I’m screaming at my son almost every minute, he wants to be in different places at the same time, touching things and scattering everything. Like opening up his toys to see what its made of; Curious lad!

“ I’m not sure what the leading cause of heart attacks are, but children suddenly appearing at your bedside in the middle of the night is likely one of them”, a mum said a few days back. Their small dark shadow shows up in the middle of the night, by your bedside, slapping you and asking for juice…like seriously, juice!

Amidst all these, when the lockdown is over, we’d realize what a discovery filled ride it has been, bonding times and truly, it’s the little things that matter.

You should record these moments and write about them in a journal so you could have a good laugh about them later or record videos and take pictures. Pictures that say a thousand words; You feel me?