“A stitch in time saves nine, so many “ifs” now, I would rather have things done differently than nothing at all”. These are the words of sally.

Sally 38, working class woman had her whole life in front of her and excited when she got married four years ago. All she dreamed of was raising her family and seemed to have everything well thought out. What she did not know was that life would deal her its card.

All seemed to be well she thought, two months after she lost her pregnancy. The doctor told her ‘others will come, it happens’. It happens, you will soon carry your baby her family reassured. And then the wait began, anxiety began to set in, a year went by then the second year she took in.

She was filled with joy, she attended all her ante natal days and classes, she went shopping for baby clothes and was always happy to take baby bump pictures with her family and friends then disaster struck at the 7th month.

She had felt funny and wasn’t so bothered as it was her ante natal date. After a scan, she was told she had lost the baby. She was devastated, nothing prepared her for this. The worst was when she had to deliver her dead baby.

Sally was crushed .Her appointments with her doctor has always been the same,” everything is fine sally, there is nothing to worry about, just have more rest”. So what happened, how did it happen? To many questions and no answers.

She almost fell into depression, her colleague Jane, got married and took in the same year and had a baby. Her own sister who got married a year after her had no complications and has had two kids of her own. Sally couldn’t understand what went wrong and what she did wrong, she was gradually slipping into depression and it was beginning to affect her marriage and her work.

She confided in her friend Jane who urged her to see a specialist. Reluctantly, she went and on the doctor’s advice after series of test and questions about her previous pregnancies and medical history. The doctor revealed that she has had preeclampsia. Sally was alarmed as she had never heard anything of that sort not even from her doctor. She was also told that miscarriages were common with women 35 years and older. It all began to make sense, increased blood pressure, the swellings, headaches, blurred vision and certainly the age factor. She was adviced on how to take care of herself and prepare for pregnancy to ensure the health and safety of baby and herself. For once in a long time, she felt happy, she isn’t jinxed after all.


Preeclampsia is a condition during pregnancy where there is a sudden rise in blood pressure causes swelling, mostly in the face, hands, and feet.it is the most common complication to occur during pregnancy. It happens to women especially women with advanced maternal age.it could also be a sign of damage to other organs such as the liver and kidney. It generally develops during the third trimester and affects about 1 in 20 pregnancies. Few studies have examined women of advanced maternal age with preeclampsia. . A woman who is 35 years or older at the time of delivery has been defined as being of “advanced maternal age

If the preeclampsia remains untreated, it can develop to eclampsia, in which the mother can experience convulsions, coma, and can even die. However, complications from preeclampsia are extremely rare if the mother attends her prenatal appointments.


*being over the age of 35

*being pregnant for the first time

*being obese

*having certain underlining conditions i.e. kidney disease, diabetes etc.


*In Vitrio Fertilization

*Interval between pregnancies

*Multiple Pregnancies


Preeclampsia may develop without any symptoms; some common ones include;

*abnormal swelling in your hands and face

*sudden weight gain

*changes in your vision i.e. blurred vision

*pain in the right upper abdomen.

*Severe Headache


*Shortness of breath

*Impaired liver function

CAUSES: Medical Experts believe it begins in the placenta — the organ that nourishes the fetus throughout pregnancy. Early in pregnancy, new blood vessels develop and evolve to efficiently send blood to the placenta.

In women with preeclampsia, these blood vessels don’t seem to develop or function properly. They’re narrower than normal blood vessels and react differently to hormonal signaling, which limits the amount of blood that can flow through them. Others Include;

Insufficient blood flow to the uterus

Damage to the blood vessels

A problem with the immune system

Certain genes

PRECAUTION: Once you’re pregnant, take care of yourself — and your baby — through early and regular prenatal care. If preeclampsia is detected early, live as healthy as possible you and your doctor can work together to prevent complications and make the best choices for you and your baby


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