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Momat4ty is an advocacy
for older Moms. It is a resource centre
where every Mom over 35 can find comfort in being an older Mom: with useful information on what to expect, how to manage expectation and find other moms to share the joys of older motherhood with.

Older Motherhood is in vogue. The percentage is
growing at an amazing speed worldwide due
to career goals and the economy.

The elderly Primigravida,
a woman who goes into pregnancy for the
first time at the age of 35 years or older, is more common; such pregnancy is
regarded as high risk. Hence the need to be better prepared before pregnancy
and to also pay attention as the pregnancy grows, up to delivery.

While other ladies fall into elderly Multigravida meaning they have been pregnant more than once.
These are women having their second/third/or more babies after the age of 35.
They are also termed under high-risk
pregnancy because we are more prone to the ills that affect pregnancy and

This information is lost to many Moms in Nigeria and Africa,
who fall into this category hence the high rate of maternal mortality. This is
evident as hospitals are less prepared and the mothers themselves have not
taken the necessary precautions to stay healthy.

To combat the rate of maternal death amongst older moms, we
have taken it upon ourselves to communicate and share the information they need
to help them stay alert, prepared and healthy. This is why we have both a
wellness team and medical team that they can reach easily to get first-hand

We also have an online community where we share stories;
love, joy, happiness and difficulties. We are on every social media platform
and our wellness and medical team are on standby to help anyone who needs
immediate counselling concerning their
health/wellbeing and/or the health of their baby. This, however, is done on
Telegram due to its confidentiality stance.

We also meet physically, once every month, to socialize,
network and build our support system.

To join our community, register on