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About Sush

Funny how I like to explore and take things to the extreme then in life, without planning it, I made two extreme worlds.

Hi, my name is Suziette, am a communication specialist and well known in the copy world (Nigeria). I had my second born child at age 39. It was an amazing experience but at the same time, a revealing one. I found out the hard way that we are not as strong and as energized as we are when young and so need to be extra prepared for a baby when above 35.

Why, you might ask. Well Ii had my first born child when I was 17. I had him the natural way and was up and ready to leave the hospital in about 3 hours after I had him but the Doctors didn’t allow. While my second, I had him through CS and was in and out of bed for a good 2 weeks before I could start doing things in the house. As for my exercise, while let’s say I am on a long break and do them inbetween when I feel VERY strong.

While having my second, I found out that not much was being done for older moms in Nigeria or what is termed high-risk pregnancy. There were little or no resources, locally, to run to for help and the hospitals felt I was not a special case to pay attention to.

This started the Momat4ty initiative, a community of Older Moms in Nigeria. I hope you will find the resources useful and a big help to a healthy life and a healthy baby.