Parenting can be a hard task especially when you are a career mom and balancing your career with motherhood is overwhelming but the joy one feels inside is so sweet that one forgets the troubles that come with it.

It’s no news today that we know and have read about successful women in the world who are making it big in their various career and are also great moms. Truth be told being a career mom can be challenging, time-consuming and very demanding most times, having to wake up early, clean, cook and take care of the kids then head to work is a big task but I believe that our experiences, especially the tough ones, help us define and develop our future.

It is an experience that doesn’t come with a salary and requires one to keep learning each passing day because it means you are working two jobs but getting paid for one.

From the minute one becomes a mom, one is in a new world entirely and balancing work with parenting can be a great task to handle but let’s look on the bright side, with willingness and the right information, one can be a successful career mom and a great mom all at the same time. But how?

Career moms have issues every day ranging from lack of sleep to enough time to prepare meals also to keeping the house tidy. But all this can be taking care of with proper planning and a support system.

Firstly, let focus on food preparation because that is a major problem today. We see kids eating junks which affect them physically and mentally because what we eat builds or damage our body. We all think preparing a good meal requires all the time in the world and as a career mom, we don’t have that time to spend in the kitchen because we have to dash to work but there are meals which takes 30minutes or less to prepare and are very delicious and nourishing and can help build our children.

We have food like sweet potato pudding garnished with fish and pumpkin which takes 25minutes to prepare to macaroni and so on. I know you are asking yourself how can I achieve this with the nature of my job. Its quite easy, proper planning help save the day.

But how? I’ll tell you;  Peel the potato the night before and leave in water, boil and remove bones from fish and keep in the fridge and once you get up in the morning, all you have to do will be less and you are on your way to work before you know it.

Also, soups should be prepared over the weekend and not fully cooked so that when you warm it, it won’t be overcooked.  Now after cooking, you can share the soup into smaller plates and refrigerate. A plate should be able to serve the family.

Do the same with rice and beans. Parboil them and store in the freezer. Slice everything you need and keep refrigerated. If you really want to take the stress off, employ someone to come once every weekend to cook for you but the best thing is to cook for your family, trust me, you will be happier for it.

As a working mum, achieving this is easy keeping in mind that you are trying your best and meeting your kids need for nourishment, care and love and there is no such thing as failure because every mother goes through rough times like this but finding a solution to it makes you a great mom.

PS: Don’t forget Dad too, there love to eat our food so cook for them and take the weekend to make something really delicious for the family, take the stress off by getting Daddy and the kids to help out in the kitchen and assist you as you cook. This makes a good bonding time with your family.