I had my first born at 17

It was a natural birth, painful though with long labour (33hours to be précise). But I was strong, energetic and a week after, I was taking my GCE exams and a month after, I was back in shape and working (acting and fashion sales rep).

3yrs wayny

First son at 2 with my Sis


First son at 4 and I at 21


It took 23years later for me to have my 2nd baby then, I was almost 40. When I was pregnant, I was always tired (very unlike me), I could not keep up with my aerobics, I could not help but sleep often and then towards the last months, I started the duck walk with some serious back pains that didn’t let me sleep. Insomnia doubled lol.



My second baby and I the day after he was born (me 39)

I had a CS because there was a minor complication; the operation was not as painful but took so much from me emotionally. I didn’t get back to shape for a good 1year because of pains around my pelvic (operation area). I just started doing my aerobics, low scale, about 2 months ago.


my 2sons

I still get so weak and need so much rest, I was not as energetic as I use to be before my 2nd baby and it affected me as I had the ‘Baby blues” just days after giving birth. It was tough for me not to be able to do most of the things I could do naturally. Waiting on people to help me out. Not being able to bath my baby for weeks so I could heal properly. Even to hold him for long was a problem because he was weighty and my operation and back pain were not helping matters but, I had to snap back so I don’t fall into depression.


Work too was a problem when I resumed

I didn’t share with anyone except my husband that I was forgetting things and easily exhausted. I needed a big break and could not cope with work.  I had to wake up 4:30 am every morning to get ready for work; I was sleep deprived because I slept at midnight and between that and 4:30 am, my baby would wake me twice for meals. So I was having just about 2hours of sleep. Age didn’t help and I knew it was age because when I was in my 20s, all I usually had was 3hours of sleep and I was ok. It grew to 4/5hours before my baby and after, it was just not enough.

Long story short, I had to quit my job and take things slow.


My 2 sons and I

I am not ashamed at all about my ‘cons’ and I am always filled with joy when I see my baby. I always wanted a large family but ambition and ‘fate’ kept me till now because I vowed not to have another baby out of wedlock. Not because of society but because it affects the child (a story for another day).


Will I have a 3rd baby? It’s 50-50 but my dreams didn’t die when I didn’t have all my kids before 35 as I planned, no, My dreams grew bigger to accommodate my new future and I am loving it.


This is why we are here and doing this

Every woman deserves to be a Mom if she wants to be. Age should not be a barrier. Even in the Bible, women had children at an older age, God promised them these children. Don’t feel stigmatized because you are an older Mom. Instead, feel opportune to have the grace to carry a baby at an older age and most especially, feel special that God has given you the ability to pass down the wisdom and knowledge years have given you to a child.

No wonder they say children of older parents are smarter and learn faster.



Last Friday, on International Women’s Day

We launched our community with a hangout. It was enlightening, entertaining and educative.

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Our wellness facilitators were there to advise us and share stories; one called in to see how we were doing.

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People shared stories about raising a child, working and motherhood, keeping in shape after giving birth, managing our husbands’ excesses and most especially, sex after childbirth. We ended with taking the Momat4ty Pledge.


Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity

Join us in this journey to help assist all older Moms to achieve that big dream, that beautiful dream of having a healthy child and most especially, to keep healthy through it all.


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