The holiday season is over and the new year is here getting old already. Lol. It is time to get to work. For many of us, the holiday involved a lot of cooking, eating, drinking and caring for friends and family.
Alot of us are ready to hit the gym and fulfil the new year resolution of fitness and healthy living. At least, I always do at the beginning of the year, lol. As mothers of toddlers, it is important that our health goal is priority. As we grow older, our bodies change and become more susceptible to unhealthy habits.
Here are a few habit changes that we can practice to help us be heathier, stronger moms.
Make small changes- Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Little habits change adds up easily to make an impact. Example of such are: Avoid the temptation for second helpings. Extra helpings of that yummy jollof rice means more calories.

Try fit in your work out to the early part of the day – Rise and shine mamas and squeeze in at least a few minutes of aerobics and high intensity work out before the day starts. Doing your work out early in the day, ensures that you go through the day rejuvenated and satisfied as you have ticked off one major goal for the day. But, if that is not convenient, you can move it to the later part of the day or at night time. However, if you are a lazy bump like me, I can assure you that there will be a thousand reasons why “I am just too tired to bother” lol.
Avoid fad diets- if I must say it, I have seen it all and done it all. While I am not trying to run down some of these diets, it is important to note that dieting is a lifestyle change! It is not something you want to do to look hot for your birthday shoot or to fit into that sexy gown. Diets are supposed to be a part of your life, day in and day out. So, if you are binging on cabbage soup now so that you can eat starch and banga soup nonstop the next month, dear sister, have a rethink.
Drink plenty of water – Water has so much benefits especially to nursing moms and water has no calories. So drink up without guilt. To make your water more interesting, you can infuse with fruits and herbs such as strawberries, lemon or mint leaves. You can also use the flat tummy water. Which involves infusing your water with cucumber, mint leaves and lemon. After 24 hours please discard any left-over flat tummy water.

Take time out to rest – Yes, I know you are a super mom and the world will end if you are not there to spin it on its axis. But seriously moms, you need to rest. Delegate task, put your leg up and have a me time. Stress and High Blood Pressure is a silent killer and according to research African woman are high risk.
Do regular medical checks – Especially as we grow older, we need to take routine health test seriously. Important tests to take are; Pap smear, cervical cancer test, cholesterol check and blood pressure check. You can also check yourself regularly for breast lumps. Early detection is always the best in cases of terminal illness and cancers.
Smile more- Laughter is the medicine for the soul. Smile more it helps relax the facial muscles and keeps you looking younger. (wink)
Did I leave out any other important points? Kindly add them in the comment section.

Welcome to 2019 mommies.

A healthy mother is better equipped to the challenges of modern motherhood.
Martina Omorodion