At Momat4ty we are passionate about women and older mothers. We are here to ensure the health and wellness of older Moms in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. We aim to fight stigmatization, barrenness and other complications that face older motherhood. Hence our decision to go on a #Sevendayschallenge in support of the International Women’s Day 2021 theme #ChoosetoChallenge.

In our society today there are various challenges older mothers face, from the stigmatization of late childbirth and childlessness to a host of other challenges. We at Momat4ty have chosen each day to #choosetochallange various issues affecting older moms. Today and every other day we should #ChoosetoChallenge the way the society frowns at older woman/mothers.  All you need to do is stand to support and encourage older motherhood or like our American community like to call it, later in life Moms.

We #ChoosetoChallenge stigmatization of late childbirth. We urge you to challenge the way the society frowns at late childbirth. It is important to note that many factors could lead to late childbirth. Many at times this stigmatization can cause depression and negative feelings on the older woman, they already have too much on their plates so be supportive.

#ChoosetoChallenge stigmatization of Adoption- In our society, adoption is frowned A lot of women are often faced by stigma and critical remarks challenging their parenting ability. We urge you to avoid judging the adopted child and the adoptive parents with cultural beliefs of incapability. Encourage them as they are heping make the world a better place for children, giving them a family as they build one too.

#ChoosetoChallenge the Stigmatization of Childlessness- It is believed that having children is highly prized and esteemed, especially in Africa. However, there are numerous factors that leads to this. It is important that most of them face medical condition that affect their reproduction. Childless women often suffer serious social and economic disadvantages and sometimes faces outright discrimination, stigmatization, and humiliation. Let’s be kind to such women as they are going through a lot of pain already.

#ChoosetoChallenge the stigmatization of Surrogacy-Due to many cultural and religious beliefs, surrogacy is not welcomed and often tales of having a surrogate mother is being stigmatized and backlashed. Let’s help women who need a surrogate see it as an option for being a Mom and not fight them.

The challenge ends today the 8th Of March, which  is also our 3rd Anniversary! At Momat4ty we hope you would #ChooseToChallenge with us today and show more empathy to a woman having a child at a later age or planning to have one.

Let’s take charge of how we choose to challenge the biases facing older motherhood.

Happy Anniversary Y’all!