Don’t you just love being an older Mom?

Well I do as I have found there are good sides about it as much as there are bad but the good side out measures the bad.

I have listed a few for us to deliberate on, a few I love to talk about. Enjoy!

1.       You might be the oldest Mom amongst other Moms and will be able to give them advice on parenting and more

2.       You will be able to organize your time to fit baby sleep time without rushing to bed anytime baby is about to sleep

3.       You will however run out of reunions as you have to get back home to baby

4.       While friends talk about their children’s GPA, you will be talking about ballet classes and toddler gimmicks lol

5.       You will have MANY hands to help out with baby and also get many baby hand downs.

Do you have other tips for being an older Mom that we can laugh about? Do share.