Motherhood is love in the purest form. It is exciting yet stressful, it is beautiful yet ugly sometimes. It can be crazy, calm, and fun all at the same time.

Every stage of a child comes with different challenges. As a newborn, mothers complain of lack of sleep as the child is usually awake most nights, as a crawling baby, a mother needs to be always alerted to avoid any home accidents. One of the most important stages of a child’s development is the toddler stage.

This is when the child is more mobile and very vocal. This is when the child develops more senses and begin to become his or her own person. They ask funny but relevant questions; Toddlers can ask why the sky is blue. Lol

As a mother, you are built to have a lot of responsibilities. Built to nurture, care and teach. Our actions are absorbed directly or indirectly by our little ones. A mother wears many hats, and she must also develop herself. To be the best mother one can be you must work on your self-development as well.

Managing the home and the children can be very challenging especially for career moms who have attained managerial position. But do not be too hard on yourself because you are doing just right.

Raising a toddler can be challenging for an older mom because as a manager you give instructions and they get carried out but a toddler does not understand instructions as they usually want their way.

This is why you will have to relearn how to manage issues cause your toddler comes with no instruction and believe me, every toddler comes with a unique challenge so understanding your toddler will help you keep anxiety and depression away.

The best way to show love as a mother is to show love to oneself first. Ensure you have enough self-care this will automatically radiate with and to your children.

Exercise at least 3 times a week for at least 15minutes each, take time to meditate, read a religious book or so yoga, eat well and sleep well. Don’t over-stress yourself or worry about doing a bad job as a mom, no mom gets it right no matter how many children they have birthed ( remember every child comes with his/her unique nature).

It is easy for an older mom to fall into depression and not know it, you get easily exhausted because you are trying too hard to be perfect bug raising a child isn’t like a desk job so don’t sweat yourself.

Just sit and listen to your toddler, they have a lot they can teach you and it can give you peace of mind when you don’t force it.

Show your toddler as much love as possible, also make sure you listen and encourage them. Engage in activities with them even if you feel it is a limited time.

For instance, make out time to bathe them at least once a day, during that time listen to them and ask questions. Their communication may not be audible but if they get used to the routine, they get comfortable and encouraged to always speak to you.

Have a routine with your children, something constant. Something they always look forward to. Engage them in activities that you enjoy so they can also start enjoying it. Wet plants together, take a walk with them, read books, and watch educational movies/programs with them.

It is OK to enjoy being a working mom. Don’t succumb to the guilt of being a working mom. Being a working mom often provides many women with the fulfillment they don’t get at home. So, keep it up you are doing just right.