Motherhood and career are two aspects of a lady’s life that can cause an imbalance. As a career mom, you derive fulfilment from your job. On the other hand, motherhood gives you that joy that cannot be described. So how can a career woman who is also a mom balance work and building a proper relationship with her child?

Today we will be looking at one aspect a lot of working mothers struggle with…bonding with their child.

Let’s face it, life itself is busy because between work and life responsibilities, days pass you by in the blink of an eye without you realising it, this is the story of working Moms too.  A lot of working moms worry that they don’t spend enough time with their kids even those who have grown-up children. Truly, the amount of quality time a mom spends with her child does have a great impact on the child’s academic performance, behaviour and emotional wellbeing. So a child does need high-quality time from his/her parent most especially the mom.

As a working mom, how can this be achieved?

  1. Have daily eye contact with your child before leaving the house: make sure your child sees you before you dash to work every day. Ii for one say a prayer with my toddler and get him to say amen before I kiss him goodbye. This creates a bond between us on the religious level.
  2. Create a special routine, I mean what some call ritual with your child. For example, if you close early then reading bedtime stories every night with your child(ren) is a good ritual.
  3. Always say I LOVE YOU before leaving for work and before they go to bed. In short say, I love you every opportunity you get especially when they are much younger so that when they are grown, they will never doubt your love.
  4. Play with your child even if it’s for a few minutes before you dash to work or before you drop him or her at daycare or school. If you don’t have that luxury then do it when you come back from work. I also recommend at least an hour if you have just weekends.
  5. Lastly, never let technology take the little time you have to spend with your child. Make sure your phone is far from you so he or she can have your full attention. Play card games, read, sing even dance together
  6. Don’t take for granted the little bonding time you can spend with them. I always advise moms to learn how to make and cut hair so you can spend that time with your daughter(s) and/or son(s). You can also just do the washing of their hair before they go to the saloon
  7. Do things they will remember you for like every Sunday, take the time to teach them how to prepare something no matter how small or teach them how to do the laundry, arrange the dinner table, arrange their dresses or how to thread a needle. These little things will serve as fond memories when they grow
  8. Just like you find time to go out on a date with your husband (or wife lol) take time out once a month to take them to a fun place where all of you can have fun and take loads of interesting pictures
  9. During your leave, take time to travel to a nice place. PS: do you know going all the way to Lekki conservation centre can be seen as travelling to kids? now you get my drift lol
  10. If you are blessed with a car then take them for a ride during the weekend. A ride around your estate, singing along to their favourite song, is a sure fun time to spend with your children and they love it.
Photo by jurien huggins on Unsplash

Relationship between mom and child is about that quality time spent together and not about the duration of time spent. So remember to keep it simple but meaningful no matter the duration of time you have at hand.