Parenting as become a daunting task for most parent this days especially for mothers’ reason being that our lifestyle is rapidly changing with new requirements and demands and motherhood is like a ribbon tied to a gift box, you don’t know what’s inside until you lose the ribbon.

Now imagine a working mum having to raise her child (a toddler). A toddler is a child between the ages of 1-3years old. This stage is a learning period for both the mother and the child because the child will begin to learn to solve the problem and develop socially and emotionally skills hence this period requires much attention, care and lots of time plus patience.

Toddlers can be a handful ranging from stubbornness to wanting to have things done their way, sometimes, taking too long to finish a meal to wanting to play when you are busy or preparing to go to work etcetera. And as a working mom, you get frustrated and think balancing motherhood and working is impossible. But it is possible when you look deeply.

Do you know different things interest toddlers differently?  What do I mean, for instance, my son gets so calm n relaxed while watching power rangers while my daughter loves music very much so all I do is whenever I want to get things done faster and stress- free, I just put, my son in front of the TV and play a pre-recorded series of his favourite cartoon. Then I play nursery rhythms for my daughter and keep her close by so I can watch her.

Now as they have grown a bit older, we bargain: anytime I need to work and I need no distraction from my kids, I first fix them some snack, play with them for a while then ask if they want to watch movies and most definitely their answer is YES any day anytime so, I play their favourite movie then I go ahead with my job. It’s like killing two birds with one stone which means they get to watch their movie and I get to work.

You might be wondering how does this apply to you, well just read on.

Every child just like every adult has something they like to do that can keep them busy and distracted. All you need to do is find what your child likes to do that can distract them. I know almost all children love to sing along, they love games and they love cartoons. So find what your toddler likes that can keep them busy for at least 30 minutes so you can work.

If you need an hour then a playmate will work. Finding what works for you and your child is paramount to you working without distraction especially with remote work being the thing now.

As mothers, learning what makes our children calm and relaxed do solve so many problems we think we face during motherhood but all we need is to WATCH AND LEARN.

See you next Monday with another topic on Mom with Toddlers.