There is a saying that says “time waits for no one” I believe this saying is directed a lot to mothers. We blink and the day is over. From managing the home and children, to our job or business. Time is something we never get enough of. It is important to balance and manage your time to have a productive life.

First, I would like to define Time management as the process of organizing and planning on how to divide your time between specific activities. Good time management enables you to work smarter. This allows you get more done in less time, even when time is tight, and pressures are high.

As a mother, it is important to balance your time so you can also relax and be taken care of. Lol

On a serious note, though, your child needs you happy and healthy and this can only happen if you don’t overwhelm yourself with work and the home. Therefore, all mothers need to understand the idea of time management.

As a new mum, we understand that the child is still very demanding but what can really help is understanding the baby’s routine. When is sleep time, food time and even cranky time? Once you know your baby’s routine you can plan and manage your time with the baby. At this stage I advise you get as much sleep as you can also. Your body just did the most awesome thing and needs to feel brand new again.

The toddler stage is quite different though. This is a crucial developmental stage in a baby, here the child is beginning to walk and talk and become his/her person. Time management in this stage is somewhat different. I would not over emphasize how important it is to delegate activities. There is also nothing wrong in sending your child to a creche. This will give you time to also achieve other things for the home and personally. The advantage also for the child is also socializing. The child is also learning and developing his/her inter personal skills.

I have listed 7 important ways on how to achieve Time Management.

  • Take out the unnecessary and keep what is important!
  • Keep everything organized it saves time in the long run you know!
  • Delegate as much as possible even to daddy. This can never be over emphasized.
  • Ensure to keep a will-do list and follow it strictly.
  • Plan meals for the week ahead of time (remember that mealtime table our parents pasted on the pitch wall? Yeah that)
  • Do not even try the multitasking, smh! trust me you will only wear yourself out. Do your best and leave the rest.
  • Most importantly, don’t try to be the PERFECT mom because there is nothing like that so just be you!

Trust me, these tips are lifesaving, follow them and see your life change. As a mother you are the most important unit in the family, you are needed strong, health and happy. Try not to stress yourself, manage your time well so you can also indulge in SELF-CARE.

Remember Healthy mum, Happy child!