As a woman ages, the possibility of having children reduces but there’s no set time as to when it can happen because it varies from one woman to another.
So is IVF a good backup option for having a baby later in life?


It may or may not be, because as you grow older; getting pregnant by natural means or IVF becomes difficult.


Your eggs are healthier when you are young and vibrant than when you’re above the age of 35. As a woman, you were born with all the eggs you can have your whole life and as you grow older, the quality of those eggs and their numbers reduces.

Below are data released by CDC for the average percentage of assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles that lead to a live birth;

– 31% in women younger than 35 years of age
– 24% in women aged 35 to 37
– 16% in women aged 38 to 40
– 8% in women aged 41 to 44
– 3% in women age 43 and older

The above data shows that the chances of getting pregnant through IVF decline with age as well.
The best way is to ensure you are fertile is to see your doctor early in life and regularly once you figure you will be an older mom.

Also, take 400g of folic acid daily once you clock 35, do at least 30minutes of exercise daily and stay off alcohol and cigarettes or at least reduce them to just occasion and even then, drink and smoke moderately. You can find out more in articles shared on our website so browse through ‘what to expect when expecting’ and ‘being a mom’.

We all do deserve to be happy with our bundle of joy so remember, you can use other means too like adoption or surrogacy in your search for a baby.

We love you and will be here to cheer you through