Yay! I am happy to announce that we will be having our first hangout of the year this Sunday in celebration of Mother’s day and our 1st official anniversary.

Being a Mom is not easy and it’s more dramatic when you are going to be an Older Mom. Your once stable life will now be shattered to accommodate unpredictable events.

Your once gorgeous shape will start growing back all you work out to hide, growing joy will fill you up but anxiety will sometimes play catch with you.

However, some do not enjoy these displeasures. They fight question daily on why they can’t conceive, the run test upon tests to find an answer. Some get answers, some don’t and despite the answers, the suffering is real.

In celebrating our first anniversary and our medical, wellness and voice teams will be tasked with telling us some of the reason and the effects it has on us plus ways we could combat it.

Join us this Sunday, 22nd March anytime from 5 pm.

To participate, register on                


A confirmation will be sent to your phone number with an invite link via WhatsApp.

Let’s work together to ensure older Mother’s get the right attention they need to have healthy babies and be healthy too!