Happy Mother’s Day.

We are celebrating all through the month of March. Women are beautiful, powerful, limitless and we deserve to be celebrated all day, every day. At Momat4ty we are celebrating #mothersday with #IWD by choosing to challenge things that specifically affect older moms. Older mothers face three major challenges which is why Momat4ty was founded. The three challenges include the lack of proper medical care for older moms in Africa, proper awareness programs for older moms and the stigmatization around older motherhood. We also #ChoosetoChallenge the increase in mortality rate in older moms.

This month also marks our 3rd anniversary, and we would like to enlighten our readers on why we were birthed, hence the why we hold these three challenges dear to heart.

Our objective is

  1. Eradicate/decrease post-natal depression, generate more healthy Mothers and Babies (inevitably, decrease mortality rate), bringing to light the health issues affecting older moms and then work towards a health policy implementation
  2. We hope to communicate and share the information older moms need to help them stay alert, prepared, and healthy. With the use of technology, we have been able to share information necessary for healthy older moms and babies
  3. To support our communication, we have both a wellness and medical team that support our initiative and help the women in our community

Did you know our founder had her 2nd child at the age of 40?  This led her to find out that not much was being done for older expectant mothers in Nigeria, thus, the birth of Momat4TY.

We hope that Momat4ty will build a community where older moms are free to bond, get information that is needed during and after pregnancy plus get counseling and medical attention, if need be. We want to prove there is nothing wrong with being older and wanting to be a mom.

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise!