Flexing these muscles and exercising them is not even an idea or suggestion.

Exercise is integral to our health as mothers, more so , as older moms.
Exercise is any bodily activity that is done to improve and maintain health.

As we come of age, our body and metabolism changes. The process to break down fat becomes slower , hence the need for exercises to set our muscles in motion.
Some days it’s like we are on a sprint and a marathon where we hardly get the time to exercise. However it could be easier to get away from our list, if only we leave a mental note to exercise. After all, we make times for what truly matters.
I know of a truth that when a seemingly big task is broken into bits, it gets less overwhelming.The first great step to having a consistent exercise routine is writing.

Yes! Write those amazing health goals you desire

Yours might be: 30 mins daily exercise with fitness app/ gym.
It is pertinent to engage in cardio and resistance exercises.Cardio resistance exercises helps to strengthen the muscles and condition the heart and lung.Walking, jogging , running , aerobics or dancing , Mini weight lifting are in this category.

Please note that with cardio and resistance exercises , you can

Keep fit while expectant to improve over all health condition

Build a Better looking physique

Increase metabolism

Better posture and body balance

*All these tips together with an healthy diet would cause you to age smartly.

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