Pregnancy is the time of rejoice, love laughter and motherhood. But while the family is rejoicing due to addition of a new member to the family, the body of the mother undergoes lots of changes. These are hormonal, immunological, vascular and metabolic.

The commonest concern of any woman who has been pregnant is that there is dullness of skin and she cannot use many of the antiageing skin care range that she was using before. She cannot go for laser hair reduction, botox or dermal fillers too. Then how to take care of your skin during and after pregnancy. Here are few things that you can do in order to get dewy skin:

  • Diet: Follow a healthy and balanced diet. Most of the time, woman rush to reduce their weight that they have gained during pregnancy without realising the need for extra nutrients during post partum and pregnancy. This follows a vicious cycle of fad diets. Never do that. Take a balanced diet consisting of grains, dairy, meat, pulses, fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water to flush out the pent up toxins in your body.
  • Excercise: I know the extra pressure of motherhood. To take care of a newborn is a task by itself and it can be overwhelming, but do take out some time to excercise. It can be a simple stroll to the park along with your baby or it can be a home based yoga session of 30 minutes. But the sooner you will form a routine for yourself, the better it would be for you.
  • Take rest: Child birth can take a toll on your stamina. Especially in a time like this where more and more women are priortizing their career and opting for late pregnancies. So understand the limitations of your body, take ample rest, sleep whenever possible and try to delegate your work.
  • Take vitamin supplements: While we do consider macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats while formulating a diet, we often tend to neglect micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These are very important to maintain an overall health as these are necessary for many metabolic activities inside our body. So consult your skin care expert for a g
  • Follow CTMS: Use cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen everyday. That will take care of most of the skin concerns.
  • Use pregnancy specific skin care range: NEVER, NEVER use retinol as part of skin care regime during pregnancy or lactattion. It can cause birth defects.
  • Go for peels: Not all peels are safe during pregnancy. Glycolic and lactic acid are the safest peels during pregnancy. Other peels should be avoided.

This will ensure a natural and long lasting glow on your face.