African Myths

There are a few African myths that often influence our reaction or action during pregnancy. Some of them include but are not limited to the following:

  • Do not walk in the mid-day sun, as the sun might pose a threat on the baby and mum
  • Do not sit at the entrance of the door to avoid delayed delivery
  • Do not eat snail while pregnant to avoid the child acting like an imbecile,
  • Do not disclose the gender of the baby so that they will not change it for you
  • Use safety pin while going out in the sun to preserve the baby
  • Do not let anyone cross your legs to avoid your baby taking their face or character
  • Do not disclose your pregnancy news to anyone as bad belle might lead to miscarriage

Now most of these myths are born out of a situation that happened in the past which gradually became a caution sign. Unfortunately, there are better ways of handling our fears and allergies in the present day without keeping up with these myths because most of them have proven false.

As an older mom, being overtly secretive or paranoid is not something you want to indulge in. Hmmnnnn! Our old folks often mean well, no doubt. Sometimes they only want you to just eat and rest well but most pregnancies that come later than the age of 35 comes with its own distinct challenge, besides our bodies differ. The truth is that you are to complain of any difficulty so it can be treated or attended to before it degenerates.


A friend of mine used to respond to any question with “Google it” and everyone would just laugh out loud. I tell you we all need to Google almost any and everything to ensure we have first-hand information. After checking online, it will be easier to be more composed or seek medical help.


One very peculiar development in pregnancy for some women is the experience of “Edema” (swelling of her legs, hands, face, ankles or feet). The experience differs with persons. A number of women have been advised that Edema is not a big issue and that they only need to keep repositioning their legs whenever, the swelling occurs but I will tell you for a fact that, it is not always true. A friend almost lost her pregnancy due to having constant “Edema”. She later realized that there was an abnormality with her hormones hence the constant swelling yet her doctor had been treating her casually. Omg! The mortality rate of Mother and child is the reason pregnant women are advised to speak out: make your complaint early enough about every inconvenience or strange development in their bodies.