It is such a thing of joy when you hold your baby for the first time. We have the same feeling whether it is the first time or the last. Each baby brings a feeling of love and joy into our hearts and we know, nothing can feel so good.
Craving that time spent, watching every tiny movement our baby takes, from licking lips to blinking eyes. We feel so at home until that moment when we know we have to return to work. We dread the time ticking, dread the nights and the days as they count down to resumption.

As much as some of us feel the excitement of going back to work, we have that throb in our heart that we are going to miss special moments with our baby, we feel we are going to lose out. Then the fear of abandonment and safety creeps in. We are scared of who will take care of the child when we are gone, will they do a good job and will they show as much love as we show our baby.

Good thing, we are in the technological era; we can be who we want to be without fear and be at anywhere we choose to be without movement. Catch up on baby’s every move without quitting the job you love and putting a full stop to the career you have worked so hard to build.

It is good to anticipate all these before you resume work so you can plan ahead for it.

Get Care Givers: the first step is to find a caregiver. I advise that if you are opting for a nanny, you get one at least 2 months before resuming work. This is so you can watch her and ensure she is the right fit. Use nanny services that you can trust, carry out the necessary investigations and make sure you find out where she lives and if possible, who she last worked for.
You can also talk to your Mom (if alive you are lucky) to babysit for you or an elderly aunty who has retired and won’t mind. This way, you rest assured baby is in safe and loving hands.
If the above is not an option, then find a crèche close home/work, one you can trust based on work history and word of mouth from colleagues, family and/or friends who use their services (not have used as they could have changed). This way, you are sure your baby is in good hands and you can stop by and see your baby during lunch hour if closer to the office. Closer to the home makes it easy to drop off and when you work late, makes it easy for hubby or family members to help you pick your baby up before they close.

Go Techy: Don’t leave anything to chance. If you hired a nanny, make sure you have baby cam or CCTV at relevant spots in the house so you monitor their every movement. You can let them know you are doing this so they act right. Baby cams and monitors can help you keep tabs with baby, so you don’t miss a thing as you can watch the videos when you come back home. You can also watch during lunch break in the office and talk to your baby.

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Get Strategic: Like you plan and organize at work, plan and organize the time you will spend with baby and family. This is so you have a balance between work and family. I for one did not know this and it disturbed my life. At the end, I had to give up work. Creating a strategy on how to manage life and work can help you stay focused at work and have time with family. Plan how many hows you have at home and what you will do during those hours. Plan your weekend and how they will be spent – remember to also plan some ‘me time’. this is to help you rejuvenate and get enough rest.

Be Focused: Having a baby will definitely change your life. So be focused, be deliberate and manage your time well so you don’t get exhausted. Plan your day the night before and get things ready so you don’t rush in the morning. Also, share your activities with your hubby even, share sleep time so you take turns in feeding baby at night. Even if you have a nanny or your Mom is there for you, don’t leave night feed to them as this is one of the few moments you will have to spend with baby and bond.

Take Charge: This is the time to get friendly with your boss and HR. Especially if your office is not family-oriented. Let them know you are ready to put extra time after work but you’d prefer to do that at home (and make sure you deliver). Let them know that you will like to be a great part of the business success as you have been and at the same time, a great part of your family too. So they should please give you time to attend school functions, hospital demands and have your full weekends. This might cost you some extra time at home but remember, when you plan ahead, you can find the time to fix in remote work.

Don’t leave anything to chance, being an older mom is more difficult than you will expect because of how it will greatly change you. However, with focus and deliberate actions, you will pull through those first months with a bit of ease and before you know it, it is baby’s first birthday and your semi restructured life.
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