Robin Gorman Newman is a prolific writer, Producer, a dynamic author, and marketing expert.

This amazing woman became an older mom by adoption at age 42.

Her challenge, like every other older mom, was her inability to escape the judgmental look cast on her by other women who wonder if she is actually a Mom.

“I was once asked by a complete stranger, in the bathroom of my local diner during a potty training session with my young son, if I was the mom or the grandma? I didn’t have a pithy response, though I wished I did. But, I wondered the woman’s motivation for asking.”

Robbin could never have imagined that having gathered so much experience in different fields in life, she won’t be able to fit into the clique of Moms. This inspired her to start ” Motherhood Later… Than Sooner”  in a bid to fit in.

In one of her blog publications, she explained that her reasons for creating the group were borne out of a desire to have a support system for oldermoms.

“through Motherhood Later…Than Sooner, my goal is to empower, inform, and connect those who became a mom at age 35+, whether for the first time or again. It’s essential to surround yourself with a community that “gets” it.”

Robbin is not just a producer but equally a theatre lover, love coach, and promotional consultant, she is the notable founder of RGN Theatrical, Associate Producer of Motherhood Out Loud.

Robbin Gorman Newman is an extraordinary and amazing woman who wears several hats as an older mom.

Congratulations on your 27th anniversary and thank you for taking the initiative and starting the community. Long live Motherhood Later than Sooner!!!