It can be challenging being a mom not to talk about being an oldermom.

There is so much shaking of the table if you know what I mean hence the need for any resource that can make life more comfortable.

I bet you will find some of these #apps welcoming


  1. Pregnancy Calculator: helps you track your pregnancy and gives you an idea of how your baby is growing
  2. Baby Tracker: helps you track everything about your baby even when you last fed baby
  3. What to Expect: Also assists you through pregnancy and through the first year after baby arrives
  4. The Wonder Weeks: Help you track your baby’s milestones
  5. Sound Sleeper: Helps baby sleep
  6. Mom Maps: This is not common to all countries but a good one when you travel out and need a baby friendly place

7. Parent Organizer: now this is not an app but a book by Emem Nwogwugwu it helps you organize your day, baby’s meals, play time et all. It is the must have for every mom. I can’t tell you how much this planner has done for me. You can get the organizer by reaching out to her on Instagram with

Reach out to her to #order now!

If you have other apps moms can benefit from please share in the comments below.