Last Sunday, on Mother’s day, we celebrated it with our first anniversary.

Yes, we are officially a year old as you know. Looking that it was mother’s day, we thought it was best to celebrate those trying to be mothers and not just mothers.

It is hard when you are older and trying for a baby. Medically, they say as we age, our fertility declines this is because we have all our eggs at birth and as we age, they age to making them decline and unfertile.

This happens to men too, as they age, their sperm have a tendency to swim slower and begin to lose its shape. However, theirs become worse starting from 60 years.

At the meeting, our wellness expert Mrs Funmi Ayowole, a certified life and emotional health coach and founder of the no-judgment zone – TheSoulClinic @thesoulcliniconine, talked to us about the various ways we are burden about pregnancy.

She Identified the fact that as Africans especially Nigerians, we have been brainwashed that at some point in our lives, we will be someone’s physical Mom and this makes us pressured that we are not fully a ‘woman’ until we bear children.

She buttressed this with how people in our society start hoarding you about getting pregnant and how you could fall into depression trying for a baby especially if you experience a miscarriage. She also pointed out how work and all can lead to poor libido and not wanting to have sex. She proffered 3 solutions

  1. Realize that you are a woman, physically and spiritually. You are a nurturer, you take care of people. You can be a Mom to people around you or to an abandoned baby.
  2. Pay attention to your health and do some practical things
    1. Stay physically active
    1. Sleep well
    1. Connect with YOU – keep a journal it can be therapeutic
  3. Eat omega 3 fatty acids rich foods like fish, fruits, veggies and protein. Eat a good diet as it is a fuel to feel-good hormones

Watch out for our second speaker’s take out. unfortunately, our speaker from our medical team could not join us.

Till we meet again, stay safe this COVID period: wash hands often for 20 seconds and use sanitizers. Teach your children to wash their hands too.