I have been working freelance and on contract for over a year now since I had my baby. So working remotely is not new to me. It is not even my first time as I had worked remotely for Tag World Wide (now Williams Lea Tag) and some other brands.

However, it is the first time I am working remotely with my toddler at home. Believe it or not, I enrolled him in a crèche opposite my house even though I work at home this is so I can have time to work and also have peace of mind (yeah we mother’s need ‘me’ time too lol).

However, due to COVID-19, I have to work with a very active cum energetic toddler who loves being around his Mom and this drives me crazy. I love my baby don’t get me wrong but when I am working I do not like to be disturbed. Tell that to a toddler and tell me how it went lol, especially to a toddler who likes to have his way and has bad tantrums. By the way, he broke my phone’s screen during one of his tantrums and I could not shout. I just had to ignore so I won’t come and kill myself lol.

Most times, I would have to put my system to sleep, cuddle my son and make him take a nap and continue working. Like right now, I had to get up from bed at 3:30 am to write this story. What am I saying? Now that you have to work from home, you have to find ways to work effectively and still manage your home front.
We have to find ways to show our children we love them and also find time to do our work and also find time to rest because working remotely can make you work 24 hours if you are not careful. You will find out you are doing more work now that you are working from home hence, you have to plan your time and dictate the hours for work plus keep to it.

The good thing is if you have a toddler as I do, you can spend time with them while working so make the best of it. I take short breaks in-between to cuddle my baby, watch educational cartoons with him or just dance to some nursery rhymes.

Whatever works for you, you must get them busy and busy with educational kinds of stuff so they are learning while having fun. You have to find educational things online and buy books too. A lot of storybooks. Games too are needed like puzzle games and board games. Older children will love this.

I almost went crazy 3 days ago and I know you might feel same so hey, don’t sweat it, it doesn’t make you a bad mom just a hard-working mom. Find what suits you and your child (ren) because we might be doing this for a long time and you won’t want them to be lacking behind when things get back to normal (though I don’t it will be business as usual lol).

Yeah, I forgot, one of the things to keep you calm this period is groups, video chats and GAMES! You need to unwind every opportunity you get. Make friends online and chat, have fun and get social at home.
Our American affiliate, Motherhood later than Sooner, organized a zoom chat and it was nice catching up with other older Moms from around the world. We shared our frustration and how we have been managing and decided to make the video chat a weekly thing. Another thing to look forward to.

If you are an older mom and looking for a group of friends, do join our Whatsapp group. Send me a mail or comment below about wanting to be part of the group and I will add you up.
I look forward to making new friends and I hope you do too.

Do remember to teach them to always wash their hands. #StaySafe #StayOptimistic