Hello there,

This blog will be a bit different.  While we look forward to a sweet story of a strong woman, I would like to say a few things about the love of a mother. I call it the greatest love of all because that is what it is. This kind of love is best described when experienced. From the point of conceiving to the point of delivery and even beyond, this love is so strong and genuine. This love is stronger than any feeling in the world. It’s a bond that can hardly be cut.

This love is also felt with so much pain and loss. I cringe when I hear stories of women who have had over 9 miscarriages or those who have carried still birth for over three times. How do they feel, loosing a child they have never met? The love is still there. The worse thing about still birth is that the mother goes through the whole process like a woman who had a successful pregnancy. Imagine the feeling of having to birth your child dead. I PRAY GOD CONSOLES ANY WOMAN THAT HAS EVER EXPERIENCED SUCH. The feeling of starting the process from conception again. There is this love that makes a woman try and try again. That love can not be quantified.

Do you believe in Love at first sight? A good example is that of a mother who sees her newborn baby for the first time. The joy is unexplainable despite how painful the mode of birthing the child was. The moment you set eyes on that bundle of joy, a light in your life has just be turned on that plans to be on forever.

Being a mother means you love unconditionally. Love with no boundaries. Love with no strings attached. With all the challenges that a new mother faces she still puts her child first before anyone else. Most mothers want the best for their children. They are willing to sacrifice everything for their child.

At Momat4ty we understand this love, we have felt this love. We know women who are going through the greatest love of all and some who are experiencing pain. We want to encourage all the women out there looking for this kind of love, it is never too late, and we believe it is going to happen for you.