I started the year on a high note. One of them was suspecting I was pregnant…yee! You might exclaim but wait for it…

On the 1st, I confirmed it, yes I was pregnant and I told my husband but within hours, I started to bleed. At first, I took it as spotting and just went about doing my daily routine until my sister inlaw told me I had a stain.

Still, I over looked it; I just googled and read that it was possible to bleed in the first 8weeks and until I had pains, I had nothing to worry about so I went to rest. Besides, it stopped by evening and I felt ok.

The following day at about 3 pm after doing some serious house chores (my cleaner didn’t show up and I had a tone of things to do after the crossover party) I started to feel some serious cramps and lower back pain.

My husband told me to sleep it off and I did but that evening, I noticed I started bleeding again but because it was late, we left off going to the hospital till the next morning.

When we got to the hospital, I had stopped bleeding but I was objected to a series of tests and…we had lost our pregnancy.

Things I did wrong

  1. I took the bleeding for granted: as older Moms, one of the risks associated with us being pregnant is miscarriage. So do not take any form of bleeding for granted, consult your doctor as soon as you notice any form of spotting or bleeding.
  2. I overworked myself: there has been a huge debate about stress-induced miscarriages. As older Moms, it is wise to manage stress when pregnant and slow down with hard work that can strain you.
  3. Overall, I took for granted my age factor: I suspected I was pregnant way before I did the test failing to realize that as an older Mom, I have to be more cautious about my health and pregnancy so I should have gone for a test immediately I suspected I was pregnant and start seeing my doctor

To correct my wrong, I am going to do the following as advised by our medical team in our community

  • I will ensure I take 400 micrograms of folic acid daily; this reduces the risk of some developmental defects, like spinal Bifida
  • I will limit my alcoholic beverages, although an occasional single glass of wine, they say, maybe OK.
  • I will limit my coffee to two cups a day. (A recent study found a slightly increased miscarriage risk for women who drink three or more cups of coffee daily, although that research is still preliminary)
  • I will achieve a healthy weight before becoming pregnant and eat nutritiously
  • I will endeavor to exercise at least 30 minutes every day and not a strenuous 2 hours 3 times a week
  • I will reduce stress by managing work and finding others to help me out and when I don’t get any help…I will give up and go to bed (I cannot come and kill myself)
  • I will also protect myself from chemicals at home or work that may be harmful to my baby
  • For those of you that smoke don’t smoke. Cigarette smoke can damage the development of the placenta, from which the fetus derives its nutrients.

I hope my mistake will help you achieve a healthy pregnancy. Do share in the comment below if you have had a miscarriage and what you think you did wrong that we can all benefit from and not make the same mistake.