There are so many reasons why a seemingly healthy and fertile woman can’t conceive.

One such reason is ‘Uterus Adhesion’ also known as ‘Asherman syndrome’. This happens when scar tissue builds up between the inner walls of the uterus causing the walls to bind together.

Adhesions are abnormal bands of scar tissue that join together organs or parts of organs that are not normally joined together. They can be caused by infection, diseases, and/or previous surgery.

Uterus Adhesion can cause infertility as it can tamper with the follow of your period and totally stop it from flowing, interfering with ovulation, stopping egg and sperm from meeting, making the uterus inhospitable to a fertilized embryo.

Adhesions are one possible cause of blocked fallopian tubes.

The most common cause of intrauterine adhesions is an injury following a surgical procedure. Dilation and curettage (D&C) is a common outpatient surgical procedure during which the cervix (opening or neck of the uterus) is stretched and the tissue contents of the uterus are removed. Caesarian sections and surgical removal of Fibroid are minor causes but can also result in it.

It is detected through tests and corrected through a minor surgery however, the binding can occur again and so not 100% guaranty.

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