We all learnt something yesterday.

  1. That most women older than 35 can have healthy babies if they make the effort to have a healthy life now
  2. That the issues are biological because naturally, our bones get weak with age
  3. Backpains are common with older motherhood but you can prevent it
  4. If you do not have an active physical life then try and exercise at least 3times a week before planning to get pregnant
  5. While pregnant, do not take for granted any health issue you notice no matter how small
  6. After giving birth, do not take for granted your emotional and mental state
  8. Find a trusted friend and a professional (the 2, not just one) to talk to about any emotional issue
  9. If you notice your baby crying gets to you, dig deeper, there might be a fundamental emotional or mental problem
  10. If you cry at any or everything after child birth, speak to someone about it.

I am going to stop here though we learnt a lot.

We had 2 juicy stories from two Moms but we aren’t going to share (remember confidentiality…next time, be there).

@Mumprenuer.ng gave us a lot of advice and a general one for all Older Moms; watch out for it on our Youtube channel.

Another Mum told us about how she didn’t know she was pregnant and went through a malaria treatment and preparation for fibroid… we will share her story soon on our Youtube channel (subscribe NOW)lol

@Fabmumng strolled in looking fabulous as ever and encouraged the community.

Thanks, @Ada0bi @funmiayowole (Canada) of @thesoulcliniconline and @ijeoma_midwife (Ghana) of @Afrihealthy for the pep talk. I know for sure, we are better equipped to be better Moms.

It was learning curve for us all.

Thanks to my lovely guests turned sisters. Our community is growing cause of you.

Kisses to all our speakers, we thank you for the encouragement and the support.

Let’s start preparing for May’s hangout *winkwink*


Momaty4ty…for the love of children