We all need some time off to cool off.

Being a Mom is more than a day’s Job. It can be time consuming and stressful. Especially if you have any other form of work you do. Worst if you have a hubby that doesn’t help out as much as He can.

These sometimes cause a breakdown. You either fall ill or have deteriorating health, physically and mentally, let’s not even talk of emotionally. Emotionally you can get burnt out. Nno wonder some of our Moms seem devoid of emotions. They literally can’t feel anything due to them blanking out to get things down properly for the family. They become robots.

Depression is on the rise now and is affecting more women than men and we wonder why. Most of the women are older Moms trying to fit in a baby in their already arranged routine; now nothing can be perfect nor controlled as a baby is fragile and needy.

Some of us function well yet still are depressed and don’t know it.

Do me a favour, f*** everything, stay in bed longer, pick up a book, give your self a Spa treatment or just go out singing and dancing.

Take a day off and relax this weekend, trust me, no one is going to die and the house won’t demolish. Everything will be there just as they always are, waiting for the relaxed you to come back and face your routine with a smile.

Do these to ensure you have some me time;

  1. Find a creche close to you that has weekend services and drop your baby or toddler there
  2. Organize play dates with friends or family even your children’s classmate Mothers, taking it in turns to look after the children while either one or more go have some time together or alone
  3. Plan with your Mom, nieces, family, friends or paid baby sitters to come to take care of your children for a few hours
  4. Arrange with your Hubby to stay at home with the children while you go out or sleep some more or, read a book far from them

Don’t forget, we are here to share and chat plus if you need someone to just hold your hands and hug you.