Joanna Gaines is an American author, co-owner/ co-founder of Magnolia, a lifestyle and home journal.

Married to Chip Gaine, and they manage Magnolia together.

She had her fifth child, Crew at 40.

“I truly believed I was done…And yet, after eight years, here I am with a newborn in my arms,” said Jo.

At 40, Jo’s pregnancy was termed “geriatric” by medical professionals. The term made her laugh, but she admits this one was a bit tougher than the first four, Read on…

She further added and said, “I have always really enjoyed being pregnant—I tend to feel my best during those nine months…”

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m a little older, but this time around I am more comfortable in my own skin, sure that I can do this. Confident that I was made for this very thing in this very season,” Gaines wrote.

In the past, doctors used to describe pregnancies that happened in women over the age of 35 as “geriatric pregnancies.” Today, however, for obvious reasons, doctors don’t use the term geriatric pregnancy anymore. Instead, when a woman is pregnant over the age of 35, doctors describe her as of “advanced maternal age.”

Joanna Gaines is such an Inspiration, she has shown that doing it older is doing it better and braver.