Women have being sold the dream that we can have it all, ‘career and family.’ While we were being raised to pursue this, our future husbands were NOT being raised to understand equal partnership and how to perform emotional labor. The result: we literally DO have it ALL! The lion’s share – 90% of the domestic responsibility on top of careers.

A large percentage of moms today are working moms but also more likely to be doing the dishes and getting the kids off to school. This is hard on moms who work outside the home and then come home to work a second shift as the cook, chauffeur, laundress.

In most homes, moms are still the default parent. They are the household managers and the emergency backup system. When a child is sick, there’s no discussion of who is going to miss work that day, it is obvious that mom will because she is the default parent. Her presence a backup system allows her partner to be (or at least seem to be) a lot of the things that employers love. Focused, dependable and present.

It is so hard when it appears that everyone around you is handling everything flawlessly when you are struggling to keep it all together. If you are struggling today, know this momma: You are not alone. We feel it too.

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