Amy Klein is our wcw today

Amy Klein is an amazing female writer , columnist and Infertility advocate. Her book on fertility , The Trying Game, is quite expository” .

Amy Klein writes frequently about health and fertility for publications such as Newsweek, Slate, The Washington Post, and others.

Her numerous fertility challenges qualify her as a fertility expert. After 4 years of infertility, nine rounds of IVF, four miscarriages, three acupuncturists, two rabbis, and one reproductive immunologist, she finally became a mother. The great part,  she wrote about it all for the New York Times Motherlode blog in her “Fertility Diary” column

“I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I want people to avoid those mistakes. I want them not to be overwhelmed by the process of trying to get pregnant — either on their own or with medical and alternative medical help.” She says

After 4 miscarriages, she had depression, anxiety, and PTSD yet she kept on trying. She has taught us that having hope is a good thing and she will be sharing her story at our September 13th event on  Zoom.

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Thanks Amy for the inspiration and also for sharing with us.