Our Wednesday Crush goes to Audra Mcdonald who proved that perimenopause (menopause transition) women can still get pregnant.

In 2016, her husband, Will Swenson and she welcomed their daughter Sally. She was 46 at that time with 3 teenage children between her and husband from previous relationships.

Audra Ann McDonald was born on the 3rd of July, 1970. She is an American actress and singer. Primarily known for her work on the Broadway stage, she has won six Tony Awards, more performance wins than any other actor, and is the only person to win all four acting categories.

Audra plays Madame Garderobe, an opera singer who is transformed into a wardrobe in the latest Bauty and The Beast action movie by Disney. She’s the first voice we hear and one of the last, and if you’ve ever heard her sing, you know that’s a wonderful thing. She lends her considerable pipes to a new song, “Aria,” written for the film, as well as parts of the classic title song.

Getting pregnant at age 46 while transiting to menopause is a real inspiration for us older Moms. Thanks Audra for this home truth.