When our firstborn clocked 2 years, like every other couple, we decided it was time for another baby.

However, it wasn’t happening just like that until I realized I needed to work on myself and be mindful of what I take; I did a lot of research and came up with using natural/organic seeds and fruits to make it work. Seeds and fruits like Maca root, chia seed, flaxseed, lots of bananas and watermelon (blended with the seed (seed contains oestrogen) )… as well as take folic acid, Iron (blood tonic enriched in vit. B) Vit C 1000mg daily… and NO ALCOHOL and CAFFEINE  at all instead I took green tea (got the leaf not the tea bag to avoid counterfeit, boiled and sieve them ) which clears my mind and reduces anxiety.

Getting pregnant is a lot of work! It needs your body soul and spirit hoops! did i forget to mention watching my food intake and timing. 

Thank God! I got pregnant. Like my previous pregnancy, it went smoothly till my third trimester, then I started having this serious backache on my right side and the doctors where like ‘it’s normal, this is still one of the symptoms of the third trimester’ and the one at the top of the chart was “It’s the weight of the baby”. Deep down I knew it was more than the baby’s weight. Everyone seems to be trusting the words of the medical practitioner than my complaints.

My only console was that I would be due for a booked CS at 37th week. (My 3rd CS)

The doctor came up again at 37th week to say there was a memo that said the baby’s internal organs don’t mature well at 37weeks that if it was not an emergency CS then it should be done at the 39th week.

So I had to endure the pain even though it was obvious that I was really in pain. They asked me to come for a booked CS at 39weeks during my last antenatal visit.

Three days to my 39th gestation week, on a Saturday during evangelism, our pastor’s wife came visiting, as soon as she sites me, she shouted at me and told me to go to the hospital  ( older mom and their experiences) reminding me of the risk I might encounter if I fall into labor.

The next day being a Sunday, I managed to go to church (as I look unto God and rely on his intervention at this point)  but wasn’t solemn as I had no idea I was in labor already but as soon as Mummy saw me again, she (pastor’s wife) wouldn’t let me be, she kept insisting I go to the hospital.

This time we obliged. As soon as we got to the hospital, we told a young doctor my complains and let him know I was in Labor, he was just making jest of me that I wasn’t rolling on the floor yet but for my husband’s persistent that I be admitted, the doctor obliged and gave me some analgesic according to him, which will help subside the pains from the ‘false’ Labor.

The following morning I wasn’t in pains or Labor anymore but the matron noticed my baby’s heart rate was faster than the usual heart rate of 160, his was 168/169 (I tried explaining to them that one of the doctors told me I wasn’t in Labor the previous day even when  I was but, they covered him up) and I was arranged for an emergency CS.

On the 25th of June 2019, I was operated on and I had my boy ETHAN OLAREWAJU ENYO’JO (God’s goodness) ADAMS. During the CS I felt like sleeping severally and a voice kept whispering in my mind, telling me to  ‘WAKE UP!

I got out of the theater, was having lots of pain in my stomach and was also having this feeling of my internal organs not there like my stomach does not have my organs anymore … Thank God for His Mercies, my baby was breathing well no complications at all like it was indicated before the CS and major reason for the emergency CS.

Second day After the CS during the doctors routines I requested my catheter be removed but was declined, and I was told it will be removed after the 10th day that they penetrated into my bladder during the CS, that my baby almost gave way in-short he came out of the womb and that his hair was what made them realize he was out already.  They had to cut through the place where he was about to escape from the womb which is close to my bladder plus the fact that due to 2 previous scars (from 2 former CS) they had to take part of my bladder with my womb when stitching the scar (joining of the organs: the bladder was joined to the uterus). That was when I got to realize why I was having lots of pain even though I wasn’t supposed to at that time.

 Day 3 after CS: I was able to sit and clean up by now, it was time to put baby to breast, with this joy of having to breastfeed and get to bond with him, I put my mammary gland into his mouth forgetting about the doctors terminology and whatever mistake he mentioned they did during the CS the previous day(he (doc) comes  to check my urine every morning and night to see how much blood  is mixed with it.)   Ethan (Name gotten from psalm 89: Ethan was a choirmaster to king David. Means: strong, strength and wisdom) was learning to suck being his first time, as usual, the stomach cramp that indicates the womb is returning back to its position wasn’t friendly at all and the bleeding that followed from the virginal was not my guest.

 I noticed that the postpartum bleeding was much compared to the ones I had after the previous 2 CS. The more he sucks the more I bleed that I had to double, the pad.

As if that was not enough, the pediatrician came the following day to confirm that Ethan had jaundice! His blood sample was taken to check for the level of bilirubin and it came out to be on the high side.

He was admitted at the Neonatal ward and I had to go breastfeed him upstairs every 3hours.

During one of my visits to the Neonatal ward, I noticed I wasn’t just bleeding but was urinating at the same time even with the catheter in my urethra. Normally I wasn’t supposed to urinate with /through another organ other than my urethra but here I was urinating uncontrollably via my Virginia.

I climbed downstairs with my urine bag on one side of my wrapper, even though I tried to hide it with my wrapper, the catheter’s pipe was all out. At the entrance of the postnatal ward, the matron on duty saw me and shouted…

Matron: “Where are you coming from, why did you go out with blood to this extent in your urine and with a catheter, I hope u aren’t coming from the Neonatal ward, who allowed you in there? I pray you have not infected those children there sha”

I smiled and sat on my small size hospital bed that was then, my only place of solace.

Medical teams in Nigerian hospitals thou.

…to be continued!