We started the year with the great news that our Charlie’s Angel and, The Mask star, Cameron Diaz, is a Mom.

Raddix Madden was proposed to have been born on the 3rd of January, 2020 by Mom and Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz,47 and Rock star Dad, Benji Madden, 40. As announced on their IG pages. However, it is unclear when or where she was born.

Both parents are later in life parents.

The post was accompanied by high controversy about how she had her baby as they (parents) kept the pregnancy, private. Some are in support that she has a right to keep her personal life private (something they have been doing ever since) while others feel that as a celebrity and role model, she is obliged to share her fertility journey and inspire others.

Listening and reading pregnancy journeys of other mothers have made me realize that it really does not matter how one carried her baby, the koko is that she is now a mother, something she truly wanted has taken place and no better joy than that so instead of judging Cameron, we should be happy for her.

She has been married to her husband, Benji Madden since 2015, which is 5 years now, and she is 47. One can only wonder what she has gone through trying for a baby so let’s not complicate things, let’s just celebrate her.

I have seen older women (myself included) who didn’t lift a finger in trying to get pregnant and I have seen others who went through special diets, exercise, and medical treatments to have a baby and…still don’t conceive.

The journey can be hard and harder for some, so let’s not focus on the journey but celebrate the birth, the success stories and the new #Mom and support those who are still struggling to get there with us.

Remember, to embrace other means of getting pregnant and/or having a baby because nothing beats #motherhood

Congrats Cameron, we pray she grows to continually make you and daddy proud of her.

#momat4ty #fortheloveofchildren

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