Thinking back about my pregnancy stories, I feel the pain all over and I am happy I don’t look like what I have been through. I don’t pray my pain for any woman but I believe this story will touch someone and give them hope to pull through till they become moms too.

I got pregnant immediately after my wedding in 2006 but soon after, I started having challenges and I didn’t know what was happening but I was having contractions and put on bed rest for about 4 months. I was given all types of injections, I was not allowed to do anything other than eat, sleep, use the convenience and that was all. If I took any walk beyond my hospital door, I will start bleeding (spotting). Even to pee was a problem because I will see blood. I was scared even though I was praying I was still scared.

By the time I was 5 months pregnant, I was discharged from the hospital as they felt the risk was limited and I carried my pregnancy till 35/36 weeks before I had my baby. A bouncing baby girl. Then the real problem started and this problem lasted for 7 years…7 miscarriages.

This started at 6 weeks. I started spotting at 6 weeks and I was given medication to stop the bleeding but it was still threatening and I was put on bed rest for about 5 months. The medical caregivers kept managing me as I was still at risk and at 6 months pregnant, I lost my pregnancy and the baby. It was terrible.

Not long, I got pregnant again and the problem started over again and the Doctor said it was Cervical Incompetence and explain that it happens when the cervix is loose so I was put on bed rest again but I was still bleeding and in pains. By the time I was at about 6 months pregnant, the doctor suggested I had a Cervical Cerclage and I was wheeled to the theatre, a risk that nearly cost me my life because it is supposed to be done between 12 – 16weeks but he took me at 6 months and that was a death trap.

As I was wheeled out of the theatre, not up to 15minutes, the baby burst through the cerclage and came out, rapturing my uterus after serious contraction. I almost exploded. This was about 4 pm. I bleed continuously and was taken to the labour room to scoop the blood but I kept bleeding and it was so painful. At 11 pm, as I walked to use the convenience, I slumped. I was rushed to the theatre as they struggled to save my life.

When I came through, I told my husband to keep singing as I believe so much in praises and he kept singing. A man that hardly sang Christian song sang and repeated all he knew lol. As he sang, he called friends, family, and pastors, telling them what was happening and asking they prayed for us. At about 5 am, the nurse took me to the theatre for the 5th time to scoop blood form me (I was still in pains) and I noticed she was singing praises too. Not long the bleeding stopped, when I asked her why she was singing too, she told me that she was scared because I had lost a lot of blood and she knew that if I kept bleeding after that time, I probably would lose my life. My blood was so low so my husband had to donate blood to me. God was so merciful and I pulled through.

Funny how a year after, God blessed me again and I got pregnant and it was the same story as the problem started all over again I started contracting again and bleeding. I started having BP because I was scared because I was an emotional wreck; I was praying but scared. I was not stable and so was my husband. I started asking…what have I done…who did I offend…who is doing this to me…why am I being punished?

I was sent from the private hospital I always attended to a specialist hospital called FMC. I was so scared. I had to undergo various tests and again I was put on bed rest but at the end of the day, my baby still came out. This happened till the 5th miscarriage, seeing different doctors and I praying about it, telling God to send me to a man that can help me overcome. Finally, I was directed to Dr. Nwonsolu.

When he clacked me he was furious to hear I had cerclage at 6 months that the highest time to do cerclage was 5 months and not 6. He took me through various tests to find what was wrong but in the end, I still lost the baby, this was the 7th baby I lost. After this pregnancy, he took me for more tests.  He told me my problem was not Cervical Incompetence because I was always feeling pains but he could not pinpoint what was really wrong. After this pregnancy, I could not get pregnant again and this resulted in more test and my doctor had to put me on hormonal drugs.

At this time I had crossed 35years old so I had to go for ovulation monitoring and more test. This time I was always praying. He told me days I should meet my husband and when I did, we conceived. As I conceived, he placed me on a medication I had to take every 2 days till I deliver then another that I had to take every 3 days. These injections especially the second was hard to come by and very expensive. I had to travel to Onitsha every month to a specific pharmacy to buy the drug and this was the only shop that had the drug.

This time my pregnancy was not that risky though I was on bed rest. My doctor, Dr Nwonsolu went on leave and another doctor attended to me. This doctor also suggested cerclage and I had one done. At the time I was 7 months, I had mad contractions and the baby threatened to come out. This time, my doctor was back and mad when he heard I had cerclage done.

He rushed me to the theatre and I had a CS. Despite that, my baby refused to come out and the doctor was sweating profusely, I felt I was going to die and I remembered all the prayers I did when on bed rest and I was like no I was not going to die like this so, I started pleading the blood of Jesus before I knew it, the doctors around me (7 of them) and nurses started pleading the blood with me until my baby came out.

For the first time (after 7 miscarriages that happened at 6 months each time) I heard my baby cry. I cried for joy as I held my beautiful baby. Later on, the doctor explained to me that my womb would have raptured if I had attempted to give birth naturally hence the CS. I was happy to hold my baby and didn’t care. I had my baby at 7 months and 3 weeks.

A year and some months later, even though we said we were done with babies, I found out I was pregnant again lol. This baby came miraculously lol. My doctor started managing me again, he placed me on the same medication and for the first time, people saw me pregnant as I was not placed on bed rest till I was 6 months pregnant.

My neighbors saw me pregnant for the first time as the other times I went on bed rest at 6 weeks. On bed rest, I was given an injection that made me sleep and I got addicted to it. I took 4 different kinds of injections till I gave birth but this time, I was alert spiritually and prayed and meditated for long that I started having revelations lol. The scripture that saw me through was Psalm 91 and Isaiah 27.

I had a cervical scan every week. I did not have cerclage done instead by cervical was getting longer and stronger lol. This was the power of prayers. I had my baby at 38 weeks with no BP issue; I was brave. I thank God for the loving husband I have as he stood by me through it all. God bless him.

I thank God even though the pregnancies I lost cost me my jobs and a life, I am still happy seeing my 3 baby girls. Believe it or not, all the 7 I lost were boys. Spiritual attack you might say but I say God wants us to understand that a child is a child and precious.

My experience is the reason I am always available to hug a woman and support her as she struggles to be a Mom.