It was a surprise says

Debbie Coolidge, a committed pro-life advocate is our WCW today.

Debbie is the founder of “Surprise moms over 40”, a web-based support group.

She started the support group to reach out to women over the age of 40 who are pregnant, surprised and second-guessing being an older mom.

Coolidge says when she herself, a staunch pro-life advocate, found out she was pregnant at 45, she questioned whether or not she wanted to continue her pregnancy. But then, she notes, “I dug a little deeper and realized, according to the [Alan] Guttmacher Institute, that a whopping 60 per cent of unintended pregnancies in women over 40 ends in abortion. And, you know what? That’s the highest percentage of any age group.”

Well, that’s right, back then it was kind of a bit awkward for those women because of their age group.

She discovered a void, a gap in support groups and information provided for older moms and she filled that void by starting a ministry “surprise mom over 40 “to serve the needs of these women”. Such courage taken from the heart of someone who has felt a lot of pressure after discovering she was pregnant at a later age right.

Coolidge adds that her ministry is there to reach out to “surprise moms” and to encourage them to keep their babies. She says she wants to remind any woman going through an experience similar to her own that all life is fearfully and wonderfully made, despite the age of the mother, and that God wasn’t surprised by her pregnancy but wanted her baby to be conceived.

Thanks, Debbie for such noble act we pray this reaches out to older moms across the globe and give them hope.

We will also like to use this opportunity to celebrate our #momat4tycommunity which is a haven for older moms in Africa

we are also the Nigerian chapter of an American community for older moms.