To some it might have been a hard knock not being able to conceive early or not at all. But as the saying goes, “when there’s life, there’s always hope”.

Mrs Mangayamma married Yerramatti Raja Rao in 1962, and the couple had not managed to conceive after 57 years of marriage. It’s a what the fact fact right?
Local reports say a woman who lives in the same neighborhood as the couple managed to conceive at the age of 55 via In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
The septuagenarian couple apparently drew inspiration from her case and approached IVF experts at the clinic late in 2018, who decided to help them.
As she had already gone through menopause some time ago, doctors had to obtain eggs from a donor and fertilize them with sperm from her husband, the news agency ANI reported.
“We didn’t tell anyone or publicise it, she has been in hospital for the last nine months under our care”

Mangayamma defied the odds and welcomed her set of twins in september 2019.
Pregnancy over the age of 50 has become more common due to advances in medical technology in recent years but the ethics debate rages on.
It might have proved a little bit emotional for the couple but at 74 years Mangayamma delivered her first child ever!!!
She showed us the power of persistence , hope, strength and grit to be a mother.

It does not matter whether it comes naturally or by adopting a child, or through IVF , motherhood is beautiful.

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