The sensational Janet Jackson is our Woman Crush for this week.

In January 2017, the pop superstar welcomed her first baby, Eissa, with ex-husband, Wissam Al Mana at age 50.

Janet at first was shy of having a baby at an older age but her doctor, Dr Tolaymat assured her that more and more women over 40 are having babies and it is no longer weird.

Today, she celebrates and gushes over her baby and her sweet words in an interview last year says it all

 “My son, even in his short 17 months on the planet, has showed me that love, no matter how deeply you believe you have experienced that emotion, can always go deeper. Love is limitless. And for someone like me, raised in show business where self-concern is always a priority, how fortunate I am now to be concerned, first and foremost, with the welfare of someone else,”

She advised we older Moms, that to have healthy babies, we should ensure our estrogen and progesterone are supplemented and levels followed closely to support the pregnancy early on.

She also advised older Moms to embrace other means of getting pregnant if they can not do so naturally.

There you go, this time a Star said it all.