Having a baby is one thing but caring for them is another. You don’t want to be criticized by anyone when your little one falls off the bed or chair (no mom ever wants to experience that).

Sometimes we beat ourselves up when our crawling babies pick up just any item and deep it into their mouth, Ouch! Well, it is not always easy to hold crawling babies back.

However, Older moms have something going for them and that is, we are super calculative. A younger Mom will often fuzz about their baby’s natural habits but our experience gives us a little knowledge about harmful and non-harmful things thereby avoiding us rushing our little adorable in and out of the hospital due to infections or bruises.  Some of us have first aid experience, have taken care of our siblings’ babies and also watched so many films on them coupled with the fact that most of us are managers in the office and so have learned some people skills.

Another thing going for us is the ability to analyze every situation and avoid being overtly paranoid over their little troubles. We are able to dictate what might happen next due to skills acquired with experience. We are proactive and foresee the end of an action or reaction coupled with emotional intelligence to handle the situation and our caregivers, well.

Being a mom can be overwhelming generally but being an older Mom means we have more people skills than baby skills (coined from our partners, Motherhoodlater.com) and as such can manage situations better. We don’t panic unnecessarily, we even know the amount of dirt that is good enough during playtime, we understand time management and how to structure a daily routine without so much help.

Taking a look at @ kels_little_world  and her experience as an older mom, nothing could be more encouraging and sweets as her statement which goes thus; “Being a mom is by far the most amazing, tiring, fulfilling, worrying and did I say amazing thing ever. Being older I think it makes me appreciate it more as this may be my only shot.”

What an amazing experience for us all, thanks @kelly for your quote as it sums up all our story today and makes you our WC.

Older moms rock!