Our crush this week is the famous Nigerian blogger.

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is an entrepreneur, writer blogger and former model who hit the lime light with her gossip blog.

She started blogging in November 2006, a time when internet access was basically via cyber cafes and she had her own share of visiting those places.

Since its inception, first in 2006 and fully in 2007, Linda Ikeji blog has become a well-known blog all around Africa. Starting first as a gossip blog, “LIB” as it is famously called, has grown to become the centerpiece of entertainment, covering news and events happening in and around Africa and even beyond. It also covers lifestyle and fashion stories. Most brands publicize on her blog due to high traffic. She qlso included a TV blog to her business.

The multimillionaire blogger became a hot topic on social media in 2018 after she officially announced that she was expecting a baby out of wedlock.

To calm the storm, she explained to her fans and the general public that her decision to have a baby outside wedlock was due to age…see what the biological clock does to us?

This is us saying kudos Linda, for not letting the motherhood stereotype affect your being a Mom.