Meet our Woman Crush Madukoma Ogechi, she became a Mom at 40 after 9 years of waiting. Her story is such an inspiration and the best part, she captured it all in a book. Rread our interview with her below.


About her

My name is Madukoma Ogechi, I founded Glomajos Enterprises an indigenous manufacturing company that produces household cleaning products with the brand name Loryma.

I am a wife and a first-time mother of a 3-month-old, I gave birth to her few days after my 40th birthday.

What was your road to pregnancy like?

My road to pregnancy was a very tough one as I had to wait for 9 whole years before I had my daughter.

I got married at 30 years old, little did I know that I will have to wait for almost another 10 years before becoming a biological mother.

What was your experience while waiting?

It was a challenging journey as I also dealt with fibroids during the cause of this journey. Many hospital visits, herbs and so many other things we did but I thank God that today, I am carrying my baby, I thank God that the journey ended in praise.

I have written a book telling my story, My journey to motherhood

In this book, I told my story in its raw state alighting the challenges we went through and how we eventually overcame it. The book is in both PDF copy and hard copy, it’s a book to read.

It has been an awesome experience, one that I celebrate and thank God for the privilege of becoming a mom though challenging also as I ought to have been done with childbearing at this age but I give God all the glory
In fact, I am still trying to find that balance. One advantage I have is that I can work from home and supervise what is being done at the factory.

What are the positives and challenges of having a child over 35?

My strategy is to go one day at a time, not pushing myself too hard, making it easy one day at a time while I enjoy this moment
One of the positive of having a child late is that one is better prepared, more matured to go through motherhood and bring up a total child.

You are better equipped to make the right decisions for you and your baby going by your experience in life and for those of us that waited for so long, we appreciate and cherish the moment more.


Oge couldn’t have said it better. Thank you Oge for the inspiration, we believe this will give hope to women out there struggling to have their own baby.


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