I got pregnant with my first baby at the age of 31, his birth was a miracle and an experience I would never forget. Two days before his delivery, I was going through serious pains in my back n diarrhea, I couldn’t eat nor sleep I went to my hospital, and the doctor I saw said I was just purging and that it’s nothing serious. He gave me parasol n antibiotics, even though I was a first-time mum then, I knew it was wrong taking the drugs, my husband insisted but I declined. The following day I called my mum and told her how I was feeling,  she told me to come over to hers that I shouldn’t be home alone and I agreed

On getting to my mum, I was told to just rest a while and I’ll be fine, I tried to, but I couldn’t. Unknown to me I was actually in labor, now this is the kicker, my pregnancy was 7months 2week, so it didn’t even cross my mind or my mum that it could be in labor. By 4.30 pm that evening I peed the longest pee of my life, lol, and that started it.

Fast forward, after passing through so much traffic and getting to the first health center, I was practically rejected. Imagine, they said they couldn’t take me in because they are not equipped for my kind of delivery i.e premature. We finally got to a hospital through the help of an Okada driver, a bus conductor and my family.

Not long, I welcomed my prince charming. I gave birth to my handsome boy, he weighed 1.25kg, I was worried at first when I didn’t hear him cry, then I heard the loudest cry, thank you, Jesus. The next few months were trying-times as a first time Mom; I give glory to God, a few days ago, he clocked 9.

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

So imagine after going through all that, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through that process again.

After two years, the questions started, especially from my in-laws, I wasn’t bothered because na my body (it’s my body), and I can’t come and go and kill myself (and I cannot commit suicide), I no be God (I am not God).

I didn’t bulge until my mom started voicing her concern, by then my boy was 7years ➕, I kept telling her God is in control. Through the 7+ years, my period was irregular, sometimes I might just see it 4 or 5 times in a year, sometimes it felt like a blessing, and sometimes it felt weird.

Fast track to 2017 I started seeing it regularly maybe it was because I lost weight and I was exercising plus I also changed my diet, or it was my cycle I don’t know. Anyway by February my mom insisted I go see a matron friend of hers whom I explained my situation to, by then I was 39.

She told to be taking folic acid n vitamin e tablets to boost my system. She also drew a chat on when to have sex before and after my period, plus encouraged me to believe in God to do the rest. By early May I started feeling ill and tired, but I felt it was the stress of the shop since I just opened and I still saw my period so, I didn’t take that seriously until it started to way me down.

 I decided to go do a blood test, in which I was told it was typhoid and I needed to take injections fast, but I had to eat something first.

Then I remembered that when I was pregnant for my first baby, I was told I had typhoid and I was given drugs and drips because I was told it was really in my system. So hearing it again I was skeptical so I called our matron friend and explained to her the situation. She advised that I go for a scan before I make the same mistake as the drugs could be harmful to pregnancy if it happens that I am pregnant.

So I had the scan and I was told I was two weeks pregnant, what a shocker, an exciting one. So our matron told me not to take any drugs because of the baby that eventually typhoid will wear out. So I called my husband and after my Mum, to share the fantastic news. We were all excited but the excitement wore out too soon.

For the next 3 months, the joke was on me. It was not a funny pregnancy at all that first three months. It was so different from my first baby. I don’t remember having any morning sickness with my first but this time, it was crazy. I couldn’t even drink water, water was so bitter, like poison on my tongue. I was weak and sickly… it was not funny at all but I pulled through. After the first 3 months, I was ok, healthy and my baby was fine.

So because I didn’t want history to repeat itself, I registered for antenatal earlier and saw a gynecologist frequently. I told him my history and because of that, I was put on a special diet and watched regularly. He though told me that the drugs caused the early birth that I should not be worried. I was warned though not to take any drugs except my antenatal drugs.

By the time I was about 7 months, my gynecologist advised me to take the progesterone drug so as to avoid another preterm birth and that I did.

My EDD was a bit dicey as the date fluctuated anytime I went for the scan once it showed early February however, the last one carried out showed that my EDD fell in the last week of January. By December 28th, this part is very funny so let me rephrase so you get the picture better.

I always spend Christmas with my Mum so I was at her house that day. Late at night in my sleep, I farted (pardon my French) the loudest fart ever then I felt liquid slide down my legs. I thought could it be? But I quickly decided it was not after I went online and read about Braxton Hicks contractions. And so, because I didn’t want to disturb Momsie that late at night, I just bared it.

The following morning, I was still feeling the cramps. At this time I became a bit concerned. My Mom had gone for a wedding so I ran to my sister in-law’s apartment and told her. She advised that I called my gynecologist immediately which I did. My gynecologist told me it might be nothing but that I should go to the hospital to be sure. That when I get there, I should meet any doctor as he was not in, it was a Saturday, that whatever they tell me, I should inform him.

On getting to the hospital, I was told that was my water that broke last night and that I was 2cm dilated. I was like God, again! But I took an injection and they were like it might be because of my age and that some people are prone to preterm births.

Not long, my princess came. She was 8 months plus at birth, 2.2kg, bigger than her brother but she still had to be in the incubator.

That is my story; I am grateful to God and happy to share.

I hope it encourages and helps someone out there.

From: Mrs Morenike David-Obanla