Naomi Watts is our woman crush this week!
The mother of two boys had her first, Alexander Pete Schreiber who is affectionately called Sasha, in 2007. 16 months later in 2008, she and ex-husband Liev Schreiber, welcomed their second-born son, Samuel Kai Schreiber.
Naomi Watts is an actress who appeared in a number of B-movies, before hitting the big time at the age of 32 with her starring role in David Lynch’s surreal tale ‘Mulholland Drive’. Since then she has acted in a number of impressive performances, including an Oscar-nominated turn as a grieving mother in ’21 Grams’ and as the damsel-in-distress Ann Darrow, who was held captive by a big gorilla in 2005’s blockbuster ‘King Kong’.
Naomi found out she was pregnant for the first time when onset. For her role in the film Eastern Promises, , Naomi, who plays a midwife, began studying pregnancy and childbirth in-depth to portray her character to the best of her ability — and scaring herself in the process. Little did she know the information would come in handy in her personal life a bit sooner than she was expecting — two weeks into filming, Naomi discovered that she was pregnant.

‘It was really interesting timing actually; I didn’t know I was pregnant until I had been in London about two weeks when I found out. I was doing all this research of midwifery and turning up at hospitals watching live births and thinking, ‘Oh my God. This is going to be a hard thing for me if I ever get there.’
And there I was, pregnant all that time! It was just funny because I had been reading these books and then suddenly I was hiding them because I didn’t want anyone to know I was pregnant. [laughs]
However, she made it through, giving birth to Alexander Pete naturally on July 25th. Motherhood has been a transforming experience for Naomi. ( 2007)
Thanks, Naomi for showing us that it is as easy to be a mom so, don’t get frightened about all you read.