Our Woman Crush this week goes to ex beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo.

In the year 2013 the beauty queen welcomed her set of Twins through gestational surrogacy. She was 47 at that time and had been battling endometriosis – the gynaecological condition which can cause severe pain and infertility. The media went agog with the news.

Gestational surrogacy simply means that the twins are biologically Nike’s children, though they were birthed by another woman.

For those who read Funke’s story on our blog 2 weeks ago (https://momat4ty.com/2019/05/29/woman-crush-wednesday-funke-akindele/) and did not understand ‘Surrogate mother’ well this is a definition;

A surrogate Mother is a woman who bears a child on behalf of another woman, either from her own egg fertilized by the other woman’s partner or from the implantation in her uterus of a fertilized egg from the other woman (gestational).

Thanks Nike for showing us that we should embrace what we can’t change and sort other means to be #Mothers