My journey started in 2015. This was when I decided it was time to have a baby. I went to the hospital to do a checkup and I was certified ok, that I had healthy eggs and I could have a baby. So we started trying for a baby.

In 2016, I was so busy so we did not even try nor noticed we didn’t get pregnant. However, in 2017, we made an effort to plan towards getting pregnant but nothing happened. This made me scared because I started imaging what our people will say…you should have given a better way before now…why did you wait this long…

These thoughts flooded my mind especially given my age but I didn’t give up. I was sure I would get pregnant. In the year 2017, I relocated my business back to Nigeria but my significant other remained abroad so that also put a toll on our getting pregnant.

Though I did not stop taking the supplement my Doctor advised me to take, in short, I took it daily since he advised me in 2015 and I believe that helped a lot in my conceiving. I was also advised to change my diet and eat healthily, this I did. It is very important to visit your doctor when trying to conceive whether you are young or older.

In 2018, we got pregnant. My pregnancy was a good one; no morning sickness, no issue at all. Even during labor, I did not know I was in labor and it lasted 6 hours and all through, I felt no pain. The only significant thing was that baby came 5 weeks early and that can be attributed to my age; I was almost 40 at that time. Also, it could be because I took a long trip from Nigeria to Australia, where I use to live to have my baby so that my spouse will be by my side. Though, there was no medical issue connected to why her baby came early. She was proclaimed healthy at birth and so was I.

I love being an older Mom. I love the fact that I decided to have my baby when I did cause I was mentally, emotionally and physically ready to be a Mom. This is very important.

My advice to older Moms out there is to visit their doctors regularly and do what they are told like take supplements dedicatedly and change your diet, eat healthily and exercise regularly and trust me, you will be a Mom too in no time. God bless you and bless this platform.